Private Label Premium Alkaline Purified Water 33.3oz (1L) | 12 Pack Case | Blue Boston Red Cap

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Warrior 52 Premium Alkaline Water is Soft, Silky, Pure and Refreshing

 Warrior 52 Supports local communities, small businesses and people fighting for a cause 52 weeks a year.

Now it's easier than ever to have Custom Water Bottles for your event, fundraising, school, club, sports team, religious organization and any other group or celebration you can think of. Our Custom Water Bottles can be customized to your needs never sacrificing quality.

Warrior 52 strives to connect creative Military personnel and capable individuals turned entrepreneurs with the right kind of resources, tools, and people.

 At Warrior 52 innovation is our game, and water is at the core. To ensure premium quality, our Custom Water Bottles are painted directly on the bottle. Our "No Label" approach to Private Label Water Bottles makes each bottle easier to recycle.

 Filtration Process

Our state-of-the-art chlorine-free procedure is multi-tiered ensuring the final product is worthy of being consumed by you.

1) In the first step, the water passes through three filters: the silica, activated carbon and precision filter.

2) We follow this up by reverse osmosis.

3) Following with Water Ozonation, utilizing a third oxygen molecule.

4) Finally, we ditch the chlorine and introduce UV light to the water in order to eradicate any of the unpleasantries left behind.

 Sustenance done differently: Feel the vibrations!

Leading Water Researcher of over 20+ years, Masuru Emoto, whose research showed how the health and life of water can actually be measured by the crystals it forms.

Music – or rather, frequency – transforms water, adding a unique signature.

Each batch of Warrior 52 Water we manufacture has within it a unique signature of frequency and vibration only music can create.

At Warrior 52 we are proud to combine the harmonic frequencies of music with water to give our customers water so smooth is dances in your mouth.


33.3oz (1L) | 12 Pack Case | 75 Cases Per Pallet

We are proud to announce coming soon "Biodegradable Water Bottles"

Bottles will biodegrade in approximately 1,200 days


** There is a 1 time Artwork Fee of $150.00 for artwork screen print.