We need your help to make a difference around the World 52 WEEKS A YEAR

Help Others In Need

Ambassadors are part of something bigger. They focus on helping other people and causes. They believe in the cause and strive to help.

Spread The Message

Ambassadors help to spread the message of the cause every day. Utilizing social media, email, word of mouth and so much more...

Make A Difference

The end goal is to help how ever we can. If we all try our best, we can make a difference 52 weeks a year.  We need help all around the world.

Raise & Earn Money

You earn money while you are helping to raise money for a cause. We understand your time is valuable. We need your help. 


 We need your help to shine a positive light, and by doing so help raise brand awareness for causes and become a spokes person to make a difference 52 weeks a year.

Help us by:
- Sharing the Cause by word-of-mouth 
- Increasing brand awareness 
- Posting on message boards 
- Share content (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
- Creating posts 
- and much more...