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We are dedicated to teaching advanced marksmanship techniques to the Reserve Marine Corps to ensure the highest level of combat effectiveness.

The Marksmanship Training Unit (MTU) promotes marksmanship excellence and safety throughout the Marine Corps Reserves. This is a small group of highly professional Marines with three primary functions.

1. The MTU conducts formal schools to train Combat Marksmanship Coaches (CMC) and Combat Marksmanship Trainers (CMT). These formal schools are our primary tool for creating organic marksmanship expertise in the ranks of the Marine Corps Reserve.

2. The MTU travels to requesting units and provides marksmanship service the unit needs to conduct training, I.E., classroom instruction, range operations, or firing line coaching.

3. Critical to developing and maintaining excellence, expertise, and instructor credibility, the MTU represents the Commander of MFR in multiple local, regional, nationa,l and international competitions.

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The foundation of every Marine is to be a rifleman. We work hard. Train Hard. Compete to win. Be apart of the team by taking home some swag gear. 

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