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I began wrestling with my brother Angel in Camagüey Cuba at age 5. Together we climbed the National rankings. We left home at age 9 to train wrestling full time at the state wrestling school.

At age 16 we were selected for the Cuban National Team in Havana Cuba. I was Team captain for the National Team in Cuba at 55kg competing.

At age 18 I entered the college preparation program to become e a wrestling coach. I earned a masters degree from Manuel Fajardo University in cultura física specialty wrestling.


Olympic / Competition Level Coach

My Journey

Many Olympic and World champions trained with me such as Filiberto Ascuy 2X Olympic Gold medalist.

I have developed many Olympic Champions such as Mijain Lopez, and Yandro Quintana. I then moved to Mexico and brought Mexico a Central American Games Championship defeating World Champion Cuba. I became the coach in 2019 as the head women’s coach in Mexico

Central American Games
Grand Prix of Spain
Grand Prix of Poland
Championships as a coach

Warrior Sport:

Team / Club:




Mexico National Team

Various listed above

Tucson, Arizona, USA

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