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Audrey Jimenez    

Instagram: @speedymonkey06  



13 yrs old with the dream of wrestling in the Olympics one day.

I started wrestling in 2017 since then I have won State championships in boys and girls in both folkstyle and freestyle.

I'm All American in Greco Nationals runner up womens freestyle Nationals and placed 3rd this year and last in folkstyle Nationals.

I am a warrior! I have to train harder and longer to be successful in this Male dominant sport and with your support my dreams are within reach.

4.0 GPA honor student


My Journey

I'm always ready to put it all in the line!

Womens State Champion folkstyle
2nd place future Olympians rankings 77lb schoolboy
Freestyle State Champion(boys)
Runner up State Champion(boys)
3rd place Womens Nationals Folkstyle
All American Greco (boys)

Warrior Sport:

Team / Club:




Sunnyside Wrestling,

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Tucson, Arizona, USA

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